Friday, May 29, 2009


Region to a couple who entered lista de espera 30 November 2005. They got Cundinamarca the 5 of May. Age group 1 year.

An italian couple who entered lista de espera November 2006 in the age group 2 years have recived refferal of a special needs child of 17 months from Italy.

Even though they did not recive a refferal from Colombia, it means there is one couple less who is waiting from 2006.

I hope there will be lots of news next week. As we start on June maybe there is hope for the new lista de espera? Maybe the Canadians will update their page soon?

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  1. Hoping for a new list this week, absolutely. And updates form many, many agencies, as this is anew month too. And ofcourse. LOTS of great news in the updates. Regions and referals. MANY new familymembers :)

    Looking forward to a new update form you.
    (You prpbably know who wrote this... the reader who just "have to comment". The non-adopting one...)