Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Link - tips

Link - tips

Here you can read about a family who adopted siblings. A boy 6 and a girl 8, they had two biological children from before(girl 12 and boy 11). The article was in The Harrison Press, a local paper in USA.

Denmark: There has been made a new page Alt om Adoption. It is in danish, but for my scandinavian readers I recommend the new page.

Here is a new blog. This is a family from USA who have just arrived in Colombia and have still not met their child. They are adopting a girl from the Santander region. They got region February 2009, before that their dossier was in Bogota (May 2008!) They entered lista de espera July 2005 and got their refferal March 15 of a girl 16 months(they asked for a boy 0-1).

I am sad to say there are no news, but I have not written about the american familybefore, so in a way that is news :o)

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  1. Just a technicality, but the family is NOT in Santander region, but they are in NORTE SANTANDER -- it is a different Department.