Thursday, June 4, 2009


Refferal to a couple on the Chiquitines list. I do not know how long they have waited, but I will know more when AC Børnehjælp update their lists. Congratulations :o)

A couple on the ICBF list have changed to siblings. They sent the updated papers to Colombia in the beginning of February and last week ICBF approved them for siblings. They entered lista de espera May 2008. Another couple (from 2006) are waiting for ICBF to approve them for siblings.

Refferal to a couple who entered lista de espera in November 2004 in the age group 3 years. They went to region Manizales 23 Dezember 2008. I hope there are no more 2004 families in the regions. Congratulations. I hope they get to travel soon. They have really waited for a long time.

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