Tuesday, June 16, 2009


  • District Bogota to a family from April 6. :o)

  • A family in Cran have recived a refferal. I do not know anything more, but I will know when they update their list.I think the update is tomorrow.
  • Refferal to a couple who was in the region Pasto. A boy born 11. Oct. 2008, they already have a boy from the same region. They was sent to the region in the beginning of June so it was fast when they finally got region. They entered lista de espera the end of November 2005.


  1. Please Camilla, Do you Know the age list of Norway couple?

  2. And how long they have been waiting? Since what year?
    :-) Mie

  3. If it is the couple I believe it is (I can't understand it could be anyone else) they sent their papers to colombia in april 06, and was apporved in june 06. Unknown agegroup.

    (As an non-adopting reader with great interest in the subject, this is what I find...)

  4. 2006, that`s right. I forgot to write what year. Do not know the age group.

  5. If this is the couple I was taking about, then they just confirmed age group 0-2. (I hope it is on to say this, Camilla?)