Monday, June 29, 2009


Here are all the updates I could find from last.

  • I am sorry to say that it seems the Canadians are no longer posting their waiting lists on their internet page. If anyone know were they are, maybe some other place on their page please tell me. I do not understand french so I do not find things easily on their page.

At Colombian Mommy`s page you can read about a little 3 day old baby girl found in the garbage in a vacant lot. She got to a hospital and is called Manuela. Luckily she was not dead when she was found and I hope it will have a happy ending and she will find a new mom and dad. In Colombian Mommy`s page you can find more links to pages you can read more about the case. So far this year 61 infants have been found in public areas.

  • Childrens Hope International are saying it is busy times in the Colombian Adoption Program. 4 families traveled to Colombia last weekend with a total of three families on the same flight.
  • Families from Childrens Hope International in Colombia, 18 mont old girl from Cucuta, 4 siblings from Bogota age 10,7,6 and 2.5, 2 siblings from Cali 5.5 old girl and 2.5 old boy, a 4.5 year old boy from Bogota and a 14 month old boy from Paso.
  • Traveling soon. 10 year old girl from Bogota, 5 month old boy from Cundinamarca, 12 month old boy from Manizales, 7 year old girl from Medellin.
  • They have 6 in regions awaiting assignments.
  • Total this year(June 15 2009) 15 families/27 children
I do not know when anyone of these entered lista de espera(approved in Colombia) and because this is the US maybe some of them are Colombian families and the wait is then a lot shorter.

  • Adecoup announses 4 new refferals. A 4 year old, a 10 year old, siblings 0-4 and siblings 0-6. Congratulations. Here I also not know anything about the wait.
  • Someone from November 2005 in the age group 2 years has been told there is 75 couples in front of them waiting to be sent to region. In April someone from November 2005 in the same age group was told there was 68 couples(7 less). It does not sound promising, but there can be some answers. 1. It can be different dates in November, one can be the 1 of November and the other the 30. 2. Maybe there are new Colombians wanting to adopt in that group, they always come first. 3. It seems ICBF now more often send documents to new regions when the couple already have waited a long time.
  • Someone in the goup 3-4 years have been told there are 158 families in front of them, they are from February 2008. From the last information they had this means that in the last 5 months ICBF have assigned to only 20 families. Still 158 does not sound as bad as 75 couples in front for the 2 year group to NOVEMBER 2005!!
  • Refferal of Maria Isabel from Bogota
  • In the age group 1-2 someone has been told there is 74 families in front of them. They are from November 2006. In May they were told there was 80 families in front, so only 6 less. With only 6 less each month it will be a little over a year before they go into region.
  • Refferal to a couple in the age group 1-2 from 16 November 2005. A child 2 years old. Region Cordova April 27, 2009. Region Caldas June 4 2009. Refferal June 24, 2009.

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