Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One year older

This weekend my husband turned 29. We celebrated both Saturday with some friends and also yesterday with the family. It was nice celebrations.

While adopting, birthdays makes me think about the wait much more than usual. Hoping there will not be so many more before we have our second child.

Blowing out the candles while wishing for a new ICBF list with no more 2005....


  1. Camilla,

    When did your family enter the LISTA de ESPERA?

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband. I totally understand how you feel about birthdays and waiting for a referral. My husband's birthday is in May and mine in June.
    We are also wishing for an ICBF list for 0-1 that are in 2006. We were approved May 2006 and still waiting.

  3. Happy birthday to your husband.
    Hoping for a new ICBF-list soon, I'm a static-person, loving them, and hopefylly, no more 2005 families, I hope they have their children soon :)

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    May 2006, hope we are soon there and that you get your region! And that the wait in the Region is fast.

    Hoping the ICBF list will come TODAY.

    Colombian Mommy, 3.12.2008. I will write some more information on my blog.

  5. I hopo so Camilla!!!! I'm waiting from November 2005 2 age group (second adoption)