Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some questions to my readers.

These last days I have found it difficult finding news and so I thought about maybe you readers have some information. So I have some questions for you and I hope to get some answers. Please write what country you are from and if you are adopting from ICBF ore Private.

  1. I have heard rumors that the wait is getting longer before you can travel to Colombia to finally get your child. Do you know about anyone who have traveled in 2009 ore are waiting to travel and how long they had to wait before they got to travel to Colombia?
  2. Is there less people wanting to adopt from Colombia in your country now that the wait is so long?
  3. Are there people wanting to change to siblings, older children, special needs because the wait is so long?
  4. Are people transferring to other countries were the wait is shorter?
  5. In what year are there most couples waiting 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008?
  6. Do you know what age group most applicants are waiting for?
  7. Are most people adopting for the first time ore have they already adopted children from Colombia before.
  8. If you know how many from your country are on the wait list approved in Colombia that would be interesting.
I hope I get answers and from all over the world. If you can only answer one of the questions that will also be very great.


  1. In the US there is no centralized agency -- we have about 20 approved agency. Each one of these takes on clients. There is no single list of who is waiting and for how long like in other countries. Each agency would have its own list, so it would be hard to know how many American families there are or how long they have each been waiting.

    The wait time from referral to travel has increased considerably in the US because of our Hague regulations. In 2006, we got our referral and travelled 11 days later. Now, there is almost a 2 month delay.

  2. 2+3: yes
    4: no
    5: 2006+2007+2008
    6: i think it's 0-2 years
    7: I don't know. I think it's 50/50
    8: you can see it in ACs homepage :-)
    :-) Mie, Denmark

  3. Hi Camilla,
    We're in the U.S. and are adopting a sibling group (0-6 or 7 years old). Our file was sent to ICBF in Dec'07 and approved in April '08. Our file was then sent to a region in April '09--a year later. The timing on that seems about right, but I'm still surprised it isn't faster for a sibling group of two in that age range.

    I understand more Colombians are adopting which is wonderful for the kids of course.

    I wouldn't worry too much about "official" lists, etc. because there is always an element of arbitraryness, human error, fate, etc.

  4. Hi Camilla,

    We're in the netherlands and are adopting a brother or a sister for our son (4 years now and he was 7 months when we adopted him )
    Icbf approved in dec -07 voor 0-2 group.
    In the netherlands it is know very diffilcult to adopt, nobody can start in Colombia sind sept 07. I know there are 15 couples waiting for a child, already approved by ICBF but I don't know wich group or siblings...the rumors are we have to wait 2 years more...I don't hope so.
    Thank you for your information, I check it almost every day!
    Yvonne from the Netherlands