Sunday, August 30, 2009


For once I make a news on a Sunday, I hope to get much more tomorrow.


  • Region to a couple from February 2006 in the age group 1 years. Congratulations!! I hope it means we are now in February and they are finished with 2005 and January.

  • A couple on the list have gotten a son :o) Congratulations!! I do not now who, but there are 4 families in region and probably one of those. The couples in regions are from 24.11.2005(Pereira) 25.09.2006(Manizales)29.09.2006(Manizales) and 23.01.2007(Ibaque). But I think the last one is siblings.

As for lista de espera, I still have hope. Maybe they get so many calls they change their mind. They stopped with the lista de espera because so many asked for it. I have still not eaten all my sweets. For new readers; I have made a box of sweets where I can eat one for each month finished on lista de espera in my age group. As we have 0-2, I got to eat for 0-1,1-2 and 2 :o).

I hope you all have had a good weekend. In Norway it is so much rain, but we have had a good time still. I hope for a week with lots of news.


  1. Camilla-

    there ist the new list de espera dated 31.08.2009 on the french site of "agence adoption". In the group of 0-2 the list moved to February 2006, what is wonderful!!!

  2. Har du noen formening om hvor lang tid de bruker på å komme igjennom en måned i list de espera ?

  3. Sorry, my Norwegian is non-existent! What about English?