Friday, November 20, 2009

Update Denmark ICBF - November 2009

Another month has passed and things have happened in Denmark this month as well. It is nice to see as there are not so many cases in Denmark. I love that they are so open so that we can see everything that has happened since last.

The danish list is from AC Børnehjælp. They have almost all applicants to Colombia from Denmark. The other one Danadopt have only 6 applicants. The list does not tell which age group they are waiting for. They also do not tell why people are removed from the waiting list, if it is a refferal ore if they for some other reason have quit their case.

Changes from last list October 2009

Gone from the list

  • Family who entered lista de espera(approved in Colombia) 07.03.2008. Probably they are no longer applicants. But there can of course be other reasons.
  • Family who entered lista de espera(approved in Colombia)25.09.2006. They went to region Manizales August 2009.
  • Family who entered lista de espera(approved in Colombia) 23.03.2006. They were not in a Region last list so maybe things have happened fast. I wrote this last month, but this month that family is back. They are now in Region Monteria. I do not know why, but at least they are in a Region.
  • Region Medellin to a family who entered lista de espera(approved in Colombia) 03.03.2006
  • (In region from before : one couple in region Cartagena who entered lista de espera 04.05.2007 who have been in region since September)
New on waiting list/entered lista de espera
  • There is no new couples on the waiting list, and no new cases on lista de espera. There has not been new cases for quite a while.

Left on the waiting list (dates from lista de espera):

7 cases from 2006, March 2( BOTH IN REGION), May 4 and October 1

7 cases from 2007 Jan. 1, Feb. 1, May 3(1 IN REGION), September 1, November 1

11 cases from 2008 February 2, March 1, April 4, July 1, August 1, October 1 November 1

1 case from 2009 April 1

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